In recent days I have been in contact with Tony Reynaldo. Part of some hold shapes that did between 2002 and 2003 fell into our hands by chance, the story is interesting, with just an exchange of mails I was able to account for how exciting it is for the climbing and fantastic contribution made with each of his shapes for the climbing community. Crater work with in my humble opinion, were and still are two of the best shapers around the country, Tony Reynaldo and Louie Anderson. Personally I admire the work of two  more Americans shapers  and I hope work with them in the future.
In the workshop we started working with a new urethane, extremely strong.
We had a couple of holds broken, it is the same hold and is a design error in the hollow backed, but I have no doubt that despite the design error using a stronger urethane would not break. Our plastic is good, but looking for a better product we decided to move. However, this new urethane is more difficult to work operationally has disadvantages for us as manufacturers, but the customer does not see this and sees only the final product. This puts us in check.
We know that even in  urethane holds can break, and holds are claimed as the manufacturers warranty, even for something that is not known. Recognizable to us is the best way to reach excellence.